Rental of water inflatables

At TAKEOFF Barcelona you will find the best inflatables and water parks. We are experts in water fun and offer high quality floating platforms for yachts in Barcelona and the Costa Brava.

Water Inflatables Rental

Book now an inflatable platform for your yacht and have fun during your holidays. We have many options of water inflatables available to form a large water park in the sea.

Inflatable Rentals Donut

Rentals starting at 85€

Rent your inflatable donut the days you need, we deliver and pick it up at the port.
1 to 2 days 139€
3 to 9 days 110€
+to 10 days 85€


Inflatable Rentals Runway

Rentals starting at 85€

Rent your inflatable Runway the days you need, we deliver and pick it up at the port.
1 to 2 days 110€
3 to 9 days 95€
+to 10 days 85€


inflatable Paddle surf rentals

Rentals starting at 35€

Rent your inflatable Paddle surf the days you need, we deliver and pick it up at the port.
1 to 2 days 70€
3 to 9 days 50€
+to 10 days 35€


Inflatable Ocean Pool Rentals

Rentals starting at 290€

Rent your Ocean Pool inflatable the days you need, we deliver and pick it up at the port.
1 to 2 days 429€
3 to 9 days 379€
+to 10 days 290€


Paddel Surf Special Pack

Special Pack

Book a hydrofoil experience in Barcelona and learn to fly over crystal clear waters.
Buy your Pack 2 Paddel Surf.


Questions about Water Inflatables

We answer the most frequent doubts of our clients.

What is a water inflatable?

A water inflatable is a floating platform designed for fun for children on any water surface or to relax and have a good time with family and friends.

How can I rent it?

You must make the reservation at the top of the page and indicate the day you want it. We will automatically block a unit for the dates indicated.

Can you bring it to the boat?

Yes. Our team of deliverymen will take care of taking the inflatable to the boat and picking it up as soon as it returns to the port.

Are water inflatables safe?

All water inflatables are manufactured by the Aquaglide firm and present the best qualities. We have been renting water inflatables for more than 15 years and delivering a watertight product to the client for optimal use.

Can the rental be canceled?

The rental can be canceled up to 24 hours before it. If the cancellation is due to weather conditions, we will offer a new date or refund the entire amount paid.

Are there any essential requirements?

The only requirements are to be 16 years of age and ID or passport to formalize the reservation.

Who can use an inflatable?

We recommend being in good physical condition to practice water sports. However, it is not recommended for people in a wheelchair, pregnant or suffering from back problems.


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Cliente Takeoff 07
In summer we rented two inflatable platforms for our water toys and they made our work much easier. We will repeat next year!
Maria Salman
Cliente Takeoff 06
Our children aren't old enough to practice electric surfing, so we decided to reserve water inflatables at TAKEOFF® Barcelona.
Raquel Medina
Cliente Takeoff 05
The mats, slides and inflatable platforms have been a great success for our yacht trip on the Costa Brava. We are delighted with your service!
Joli Pasma
Cliente Takeoff 04
When I organize my outings in the summer, I always ask the TAKEOFF® Barcelona professionals about their inflatable platforms.
Helena Machón