SEABOB rental on your Yacht

The SEABOB is the ultimate high-performance craft. Weighing 35 kg, the vehicle possesses extremely good handling properties out or under the water.

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Seabob rental in Barcelona and Costa Brava

Riding a high performance, lightweight and dynamic SEABOB in the Mediterranean seabed is a very thrilling experience, where you can dive with banks of exotic fish and other marine creatures or ride on the waves to experience an incredible adrenaline rush.

Thanks to its very simple handling, you will discover a unique experience, completely different from other nautical activities. This nautical activity is accessible to everyone, including children. Enjoy this exciting SEABOB adventure for a memorable experience!


How does it work
The SEABOB is delivered first thing in the morning and is collected late in the day at the port. (The hours agreed upon when hiring the service)
What’s included
SEABOB jet and Diving goggles
Passport or ID card
Ports of Barcelona and Girona
All day


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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“A very fun experience! My children really enjoy SEABOB when we rent it for a boat experience in Barcelona. I recommend it. We will definitely repeat”

Allison Shannon

“That's incredible! The seabob is a spectacular water toy. I rented it for my husband for his boat. He was amazed, we will certainly repeat.”

Rio Kuncoro

“At first we did not know very well what the experience was going to be ... then nobody wanted to stop using it ... the best feeling in the water.”

Phillip Hutton
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Barcelona Seabob for Yacht

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