We bring new toys to the city of Barcelona, this time we have a motorized surfboard that rises into the water, there are many people who have already demanded this product and finally we have it for all of you.

The electric foils are a very striking product that all lovers of luxury toys want to try and it is still difficult to see even in the garages of the most luxurious yachts in the world. We already have it here and we offer several options for our clients, surely some of them have been waiting for this moment for many days.

First of all we offer two different brands of Foils in Barcelona, they are very similar and we will be able to talk about the differences later when we have a greater experience, for now we can only say that the two work very well and give similar sensations, as they are so new products as we use them we will know more details and we can make a fair assessment.

On the one hand we have Flite Board Foil, we come with 3 types of boards and different configurations, we have a very nice design and the image they project as a company looks very good, at the moment the foil transmits very good sensations and the quality is spectacular in all materials.

We are next to Hotel W surrounded by harbours and large boats, a privileged place where we hope to bring this exclusive toy to more yachts and people who want to try this powerful propeller.

From Takeoff Barcelona we offer the sale of the two brands FLITE BOARD and LIFT FOIL in all their configurations and table models, you can ask for information without obligation.

We also have the option of renting the FLITE BOARD and renting LIFT FOIL in several very interesting modalities. We rent the FOIL as training so you can try and get the sensations of the board and learn to get up in an electric Foil with an instructor who will guide you for 1 / hour. We have the modality of rent by days, so that you take it and enjoy it as much as you want or for charter companies that want to offer this toy as an added and exclusive value in their boats.

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