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Rental of Radinn electric surfboard in Barcelona. Discover the feeling of driving an exclusive product like Radinn. Electric surf boards Barcelona

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Radinn electric motor surf board rental

Fusing the thrills of both motor and water sports, Radinn jetboard is the new big player when it comes to action sports. We took the breathtaking experience of freedom that a surfboard can give you and infused the electrifying adrenaline rush that only motor sports evokes.


How does it work
The RADINN is delivered at port or beach (The professional technician and the material must be picked up with the auxiliary boat) at the agreed time. The expert instructor in toys for yachts is essential to ensure a perfect and quality experience.
What’s included
Radinn board with Radinn instructor, Radinn charger, Lifejacket and Helmet.
Passport or ID card
Ports of Barcelona and Girona
4 hours


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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“A great experience to repeat, we rent a boat and a radinn experience in Barcelona, the board incredible.”

Harry S

“My boyfriend loved this board, he spent more time in the radinn than in the boat we rented, we will certainly repeat.”

Sophie T

“I do professional surfing and this board meets all my expectations. We had a wonderful family day. Recommend Takeoff Barcelona.”

Evans O
Radinn rent for yacht
Radinn rent Barcelona
Radinn for yacht
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