Dare to surf the streets of Barcelona in Onewheel. This electric skateboard has become the fastest, funnest and most sustainable vehicle to move around the city. If you like board sports, you can’t miss out on trying this skateboard. We rent Onewheel for hours and full days. Are you in?

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Onewheel Skateboard Rental

Rent a Onewheel for an hour or reserve it for a full day in Barcelona with safety equipment.
Our instructors will teach you how to get on the electric skateboard and control the balance to avoid falls.

Onewheel Pint Experience

session of 60 minutes

Enjoy the Onewheel Pint, the smallest of the Onewheel family, very easy to use, perfect for people who want to start with this kind of electric scooter.

1 person can participate


Onewheel XR Experience

session of 120 minutes

The Onewheel with more autonomy, reaches up to 30km and you can enjoy it for 2 hours, enough time to travel the entire Barceloneta without any problem.

1 person can participate


Skate Rides on Onewheel

The experience is perfect for exploring the narrow streets of Barcelona and its most representative avenues. We are the only official Onewheel dealer in Spain.

Prime location

The Marina Vela Barcelona port is the ideal location to rent a Onewheel and explore its surroundings.

Product briefing

First contact with the electric skateboard, description of its mechanism, download of the app and driving modes.

Safety equipment

The school offers protective helmets at the customer service to guarantee a 100% safe experience.

Quick start tutorial

Our instructors will teach you all the tricks to get on the Onewheel and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Parking and lockers

We offer the possibility of using the changing rooms, lockers and free parking of the facility.

We rent Onewheel for days

Book your Onewheel!

If you are on vacation in Barcelona and you need a comfortable, fast and sustainable means of transport, rent a Onewheel for the days you need. In our center we will teach you all the keys to move around the city.

Questions about Onewheel

We answer the most frequent doubts of our clients.

What is a Onewheel?

A Onewheel is a self-stabilizing electric skateboard with a single oversized wheel located in the center of the board. You can get on in any of the rider’s positions and accelerate or brake by controlling your body weight.

Where does the activity start?

The Onewheel experience in Barcelona starts from the Marina Vela Barcelona port (Paseo de Juan de Borbón 103, Local D8). There is the TAKEOFF® activity center, where the customer can leave their belongings at the locker and make use of the changing rooms if needed.

How can I go to the Marina Vela?

The marina is perfectly communicated with bus lines V15 and V19. If you come by motorcycle or car, it also has free parking for one hour.

Who will teach me to ride Onewheel?

Once the customer’s data for the rental has been collected, an instructor will teach you everything about the electric scooter: power button and meaning of the lights, braking system, power supply and Onewheel configuration in the app. In the same way, you will also learn to get on under the supervision of the monitor so that the experience is 100% safe.

Can the activity be canceled?

The activity can be canceled up to 24 hours before it. If the cancellation is due to weather conditions, we will offer a new date or refund the entire amount paid.

Are there any essential requirements?

The only requirements are to be 16 years old, have ID or passport and come to the center with the reservation confirmed.

Who can get on a Onewheel?

We recommend being in good physical condition to practice water sports. However, it is not recommended for people in a wheelchair, pregnant or suffering from back problems.


Happy Clients. Happy Us

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Cliente Takeoff 10
The Onewheel is a spectacular electric skateboard. I love board sports and I use this skate every day. It's practical and very comfortable.
Isabel Carmena
Cliente Takeoff 09
For snowboard lovers, this electric skateboard is perfect to satisfy the desire for snow during the summer. 100% recommendable!
Miguel Coma
Cliente Takeoff 09
We rented a Onewheel to move around Barcelona in the summer and the experience was incredible. Now we are thinking of buying a Onewheel XR.
Nerea García
Cliente Takeoff 08
The Onewheel contributes to a more efficient and sustainable mobility with the environment. It's already part of the transport of the future.
Laura Pulido