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The JETSURF VIP rental consists of a 3-hour class with an instructor on the yacht or on the beach of your choice. Our team will travel to the agreed location to teach you how to master this incredible motorized surfboard. Check availability now!


What is the JETSURF VIP rental?

This is a 3-hour JETSURF session on the client’s boat or on the beach closest to their location. A certified instructor will be in charge of transporting the equipment, teaching the class and collecting it once the experience is over. We will wait for you!

What includes?


Where do we offer the JETSURF rental?

At TAKEOFF® Barcelona we divide our work area into three zones to optimize the time of our delivery people. Choose the port or beach closest to your location and we will move to teach the class. Remember that zones two and three have an additional cost.

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Questions about JETSUR VIP rental

How long does the JETSURF rental last?

The experience lasts approximately 3 hours. It includes the indications of the monitor before jumping into the water, putting it into practice and changing batteries.

How many people is the rental for?

According to our instructors, this activity is designed for a maximum of 3-4 people. In this way, each student can enjoy the experience for a considerable period of time.

Can you bring me all the equipment?

Yes. Our team of deliverymen will take care of taking all the necessary material at the established time to start the JETSURF activity.

What is the minimum age for a JETSURF VIP rental?

The minimum age for the JETSURF VIP rental is 16 years old. However, minors will always have to be accompanied by an adult.

Can the activity be canceled?

The rental can be canceled up to 24 hours before it. If the cancellation is due to weather conditions, we will offer a new date or refund the entire amount paid.

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Official JETSURF dealer in Spain

Visit the online store now and ask our sales department for the JETSURF that you like best. They will be happy to help you buy a motorized surfboard.

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    Awesome!!! JETSURF electric is amazing!

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    Nice TEAM!!

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