JETSURF experience Barcelona

Enjoy JETSURF on the beach in Barcelona for an hour and learn to master the most powerful motor you can find on a motorized surfboard.

Jetsurf in Barcelona (Official Jetsurf School)

JETSURF is an explosion-powered surfboard, it is equipped with a 100cc two-stroke engine. Being able to surf with a JETSURF is pure adrenaline, you can feel all the power in your feet, it accelerates very quickly and has a very light weight.

In TAKEOFF we will teach you the necessary technique to stand up on the table, how to control it and above all how to use it safely. Once you have tried a JETSURF you will not want anything else.


90 min
From 8:00h to 19:00h (All year)
Meeting point
TAKEOFF Barcelona Store
Passport or ID card and Swimsuit
What’s included
JETSURF board, Motor surf board instructor, lifejacket and helmet.

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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“I think that the attention is the best, the instructor very attentive at all times of the class and giving coaching. The safety equipment is in perfect condition and they are very well fixed that you use it correctly. In general everything excellent. I loved the class and I wanted to continue practicing it is a sport that you can become addicted to.”


“I tried a board for the first time and it seemed like a very good experience, the instructor told me everything I needed to navigate the first day and it was easy for me to be my first time. That said I have already practiced kitesurf and wakeboard beginner level so I have some experience. But I think with a little balance and desire to get easy. Totally recommended at least try it once.”


“I went to an electric surf board class and I loved it, I was very impressed about the quality of the service and the attention they give you. In this case I went with a friend for a job, but after seeing everything and trying the class I will definitely do it again. I highly recommend you come. They will not regret it.”

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