Electronic Hookah

Would you like to smoke on a boat without worrying about the coals falling on the teak? With our electronic hookahs you can enjoy quiet for long hours on board. They are safe and don’t contain nicotine. We have all the flavors!

Electronic Hookah for Yachts

Book an electronic shisha for your next boat trip and forget about flammable coals.
Enjoy the same bubbly experience of traditional hookahs in this modern format.

We Prepare your Electronic Hookah

Designed to guarantee the safety of the user in any boat, this electronic hookaah device combines excellent performance and usability for all types of smokers.

Maximum security

This electric hookah is perfect to smoke on any boat safely because they work without flammable coals.

Variety of flavors

We have a wide variety of c² capsules with unique flavors for all tastes. We deliver 3 capsules in each rental.

Variable power

The electronic shisha has a variable power control for a 100% customizable vaping experience.

Removable battery

Its powerful 8000 mAh removable battery offers astonishingly fast charging capacity.

Easy to use

The hookah has a variable power control for a 100% customizable and easy-to-use vaping experience.

About the Electronic Hookah

We answer the most frequent doubts of our clients.

What is an electronic hookah?

It’s an electric hookah device that uses the same “bubbling water” operation as traditional shishas. However, it has an adjustable power system that allows its intensity to be controlled and does not require charcoal to ignite.

How can I rent it?

You must make the reservation at the top of the page for the day you need it and we will automatically block a unit for the dates indicated.

Can you bring it to the boat?

Yes. Our team of deliverymen will take the electronic shisha to the boat and collect it as soon as you return. If the reservation is for more than one day, we will include a charger for the battery in the order.

Are the capsules safe?

Yes. The c² capsules are made from the best materials to obtain the purest and highest quality product. They are scientifically tested and don’t contain nicotine or THC.

Are there any essential requirements?

The only requirements are to be 18 years of age and ID or passport to formalize the reservation.

Who can use an electronic hookah?

We don’t recommend the use of electronic hookah to minors, pregnant women and people with respiratory problems.

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Cliente Takeoff 03
The TAKEOFF® Barcelona electronic shisha is perfect. We had never considered smoking on the boat until we discovered this invention.
Lucía Sánchez
Cliente Takeoff 02
Thanks to this electronic shisha I can invite friends to the boat and relax after lunch. It's a fantastic invention for the holidays!
Jorge López
I had never smoked until we decided to try the TAKEOFF® Barcelona electric shisha on our boat. We will reserve it again next year!
Beatriz Aguirre
Cliente Takeoff 14
I have loved electronic shishas since my last vacation on the Costa Brava. It's the hookah of the future to smoke in the sea!
Arantxa Vigo