Fliteboard eFoil

Come and enjoy the waters of Barcelona on these incredible eFoil by FLITEBOARD. Foil surfboards that levitate above the surface of the water thanks to a small electric motor and Bluetooth technology.

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Electric Hydrofoil in Barcelona

We offer sessions with electric surfboards with foil with various models for all levels. Each of our instructors is qualified and gives lessons adapted to the level of the clients.

eFoil Fliteboard AIR

90-minute session

The 90 minutes eFoil FLITEBOARD AIR session in Barcelona is designed for people who want to learn what eFoil is all about.

1 or 2 persons can participate


eFoil Fliteboard Standard

90-minute session

The 90 minutes eFoil FLITEBOARD STANDARD session in Barcelona is perfect for people who want to learn to fly and start turning with ease.

1 or 2 persons can participate


eFoil Fliteboard PRO

90-minute session

The 90 minute eFoil FLITEBOARD PRO session in Barcelona is designed for people who want to increase their skills and learn to control the eFoil to perfection.

1 person can participate


eFoil Fliteboard ULTRA

90-minute session

The 90 minute eFoil FLITEBOARD ULTRA session in Barcelona is designed for people who want to experience the most extreme thrills that eFoil FLITEBOARD can offer.

1 person can participate


eFoil Fliteboard course

5 Sessions of 90 minutes

You will be able to choose the eFoil board of your choice for each session, to learn how to ride the eFoil like a real pro.

1 person can participate


Experience of Fliteboard eFoil

Dare to fly over the water in Barcelona and discover all the tricks to master the Fliteboard eFoil. We are the first official Fliteboard school in Spain.

Prime location

El puerto Marina Vela Barcelona es el punto de encuentro para comenzar la experiencia de hydrofoil eléctrico.

Auxiliary vessel

Salida en lancha auxiliar hasta la playa de la Barceloneta junto al monitor para desarrollar la actividad.

Safety equipment

La escuela ofrece neoprenos y chalecos de impacto al servicio del cliente para garantizar una experiencia 100% segura.

Qualified instructor

Los monitores tienen amplia experiencia en clases de eFoil y conocen el producto a la perfección.

Changing rooms and lockers

Ofrecemos la posibilidad de utilizar los vestuarios, las duchas y las taquillas de la instalación.

Customised eFoil classes

Fliteboard eFoil VIP Rental

Book a private FLITEBOARD eFoil session in Barcelona or the Costa Brava from 400€. 

Questions about Fliteboard eFoil

We answer our clients’ most frequently asked questions.

What is a Fliteboard eFoil?

An eFoil is an electric surfboard with a submerged hydrofoil that lifts the board above the water when you are going fast. It has an electric motor that glides you over the water simply and effortlessly. Fliteboard is the leading manufacturer of eFoils worldwide.

Where does the activity start?

The eFoil experience in Barcelona starts from the Marina Vela Barcelona port. The address is Paseo de Juan de Borbón, 103 (Local D8). There you will find the TAKEOFF® activity centre, where you can leave your belongings in the locker and equip yourself with the appropriate clothing.

How can I get to the Marina Vela?

The marina is well served by bus lines V15 and V19. If you come by motorbike or car, there is also free parking for one hour.

When do we enter the water?

The instructor and the clients go out in a support boat to the Barceloneta beach for the Fliteboard eFoil class. Before starting, the instructor offers some basic advice on how to get on the board: how to operate the control, balance, safety techniques and communication codes. It is important to remember that the instructor accompanies the student at all times so that he/she can follow the student’s instructions.

Can the activity be cancelled?

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours before the activity. In the event of cancellation due to weather conditions, a new date will be offered or a full refund will be made.

Are there any prerequisites?

The only requirements are: to be 16 years old, to be able to swim, to have an ID card or passport and to come to the centre with a confirmed booking.

Who can get on a Fliteboard?

Our instructors recommend you to be in average physical condition. However, it is not recommended for wheelchair users, pregnant women or people with back problems.


Commitment to Our Clients

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Last summer I tried the Fliteboard eFoil for the first time and loved it - I'm sure we'll try it again next year!
Emma Hart
The TAKEOFF® Barcelona instructors taught me how to perfect my balance on the electric hydrofoil and I am very grateful to them!
Eddie Johnson
The holiday in Barcelona was amazing! We were able to do a lot of water sports, but the best was the Fliteboard eFoil.
Jonathan Doe
I will never forget the feeling of flying over the water on an electric surfboard and I am delighted with the service of TAKEOFF® Barcelona!
Mike Edward