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Now you can experience in Barcelona the sensations of AWAKE board a fast and very powerful electric surfboard. Rent Awake Board Now

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Electric motor surf board information

Designed with speed in mind, the Awake Rävik electric surfboard is capable of leaving other boards in its wake. Its carbon fiber body is very hydrodynamic, provides control and stability, and holds the proprietary electronics system. It’s all controlled by the rider via a handheld throttle, allowing for a unique and custom experience.

The Awake mobile app allows the user to customize the power output between 4 different ride modes, from relatively tame to wildly aggressive, and also allows for monitoring of internal systems and battery life.


How does it work
The AWAKE BOARD is delivered at port or beach (The professional technician and the material must be picked up with the auxiliary boat) at the agreed time. The expert instructor in toys for yachts is essential to ensure a perfect and quality experience.
What’s included
Awake board with Awake instructor, Awake charger, lifejacket and Helmet.
Passport or ID card
Ports of Barcelona and Girona
4 hours


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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

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Alex Cohen

“We wanted to add one more experience in our boat rental in Barcelona and we rented the Awake electric surfboard, my family and I enjoyed an exciting day.”

Jessica Pierre
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